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Karsan USA is re-envisioning the way that mass transit systems function by introducing the Karsan CS brand to North America. The 6-meter long Karsan CS, is a low floor minibus that provides urban passengers with the comfort of a large bus, as well as being an efficient, economic and eco-friendly option for its owner. It has been designed for ease of entry and exit, has wheelchair access and is the smallest most cost-effective transit bus available, designed for both seated and standing passengers. Karsan CS is designed to feed into the main lines of a transit system by providing transportation from smaller residential areas and during hours of low passanger demand. By optimizing fuel consumption with the smaller design, transit systems can efficiently offer public transportation to riders who come from neighborhoods that are far from the urban center.


With its low floor and high roof, Karsan CS’s inner space is remarkable.  The wide windscreen gives a panoramic view during the journey. Seat placement supports a spacious area for standing passengers.


Equipped with an electric mobility ramp, Karsan CS ensures freedom for less abled passengers (or passengers in wheelchairs)


Karsan CS offers plenty of convenience and safety options such as Wi-Fi, Ticket Validator integration, digital destination signs and a camera surveillance system.

Karsan is  ISO 14001 Certified in Environment Management and takes its environmental stewardship seriously.

15 seated (11 normal + 4 foldable seats) + 6 standing + driver OR 11 seated + 1 wheelchair + 6 standing + driver

While the vehicles layout are being re-engineered according to US standards and needs, they are currently produced as: 20 ft


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